About me

For those who do not know me, here are some relevant facts about me and my work.

My main activity is Designer. However, since I have memory, drawing and painting are constant activities in my life, and despite being in the background - in the volume of work I have always created and executed - are my alma mater as a Designer. And the very reason of being one.

My academic training was held at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon - specialise in Communication Design, and coincided with the passage of so-called "traditional" to the "digital", also known as Desktop Publishing. This was very beneficial as it provided me with good prospects for two realms of knowledge. To complement my academic training, and by the specific nature of the projects and challenges that I was faced, I’ve received further training complementary to the academic training with some more technological formation.

Early went freelance, but I've also worked with some companies where I occupied several positions. My training was completed through the empiricism of the reality of the labor market, projects, and management of creative and technical teams (always hands-on).

At the same time, and as a support for my natural professional curiosity, I produce, from time to time, articles related to design, illustration, typography, web, art history, and any other matters. Some of those texts are in my blog, you can read them here. New articles will be added - depending on my interest and availability.


Previous assignments:

Creative Direction
  • Creative teams manager;
  • Communication strategies;
  • Trainee coordinator.

Multimedia Design coordinator
  • Capacity for integration / management of multidisciplinary creative and technical teams;
  • Knowledge of production processes in the described areas.

Designer / Multimedia Designer
  • Branding concepts, stationery and countless pieces for tradicional and digital media;
  • Magazine concepts, brochures, flyers e other editions; digital production;
  • Merchandising concepts. Production.

  • Fantasy art (tradicional and digital media);
  • Portrait;
  • Children illustrations;
  • Cientific illustration

Hours of experience.
Projectos done.
Completed Illustrations.
Hours of training.