Illustration and Design for Moonspell CD "Under Satanae"

Ilustração para Moonspell

Original dimensions: 900 x 900 mm

Medium: Digital painting

Year: 2007

Description: The reason it took Moonspell to challenge me to this project was the re-edition of the mythical mini-cd "Under the Moonspell" along the demo "Anno Satanae" both from the mid 90's. As the cover of the mini-cd was iconic for the band and fans, the challenge was to keep as much as possible, the original cover, but someway go further than that.

The concept I developed was the creation of a larger illustration, whose original cover would be 1/12 of the total. The cover becomes a fraction of a bigger story never seen. The illustration must be in the style of the heavy metal covers from the 80's/90's.

CD 'Under Satanae' para Moonspell

CD 'Under Satanae' para Moonspell

This concept for the illustration, made possible a unconventional "layout". Instead of traditional "booklet" pages, all the illustration when unfolded, serves as a poster.

For all the other graphics was used the back of the illustration. This solution was innovative and helped this CD became, for the band fans a must-have in their collection.

  • Concept
  • Illustration
  • Design

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