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Canal Coliseu dos Recreios

Canal EMEL

Canal Fertagus

Canal Lojas Francas de Portugal

Canal do ecrã do Estádio da Luz

Canal Iglo Olá

Canal do Ministério da Justiça - Tribunal Criminal

Canal Universidade Católica Lisboa

Canal AKI

Creation of multimedia channels "Digital Signage" as Creative Director of the company Dot One Digital Media. I’ve participated in defining the graphic concepts, developed graphics and animations and dynamic content pieces. Supervised the creative and production teams in the development of the various channels. Programmed and gave assistance in the management of channels in some "Digital Signage" softwares, such as: Scala, InstoreVision, BroadSign, among others.

Graphically, each channel was created to meet each client branding and communication graphics. The channels were tailored developed with specific operating parts adapted to the needs of various applications. Whether any other software specification or integration with dynamic data or third-party software, such as queue management systems, news feeds and numerous other content.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Edition
  • Animations
  • Production

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